Featured Products

Asterion AC & DC Power Sources Programmable Power's AC & DC power sources
Specialist Industrial Computers The Amplicon specialist computer range encompasses the very best transportation PC’s
Analog Discovery III Analog Discovery 3: 125 MS/s USB Oscilloscope, Waveform Generator, Logic Analyzer, and Variable Power Supply
GSP 8000 Series Spectrum Analyser The GSP-8000 series, brand new general spectrum analysers from GW Instek, features three frequency ranges, namely 8.0GHz, 3.8GHz and 1.8GHz
Amplicon Industrial Computers The Extensive Range of Industrial Computers Designed and Manufactured by Amplicon are Exceptionally Versatile
Associated Research HypotULTRA The Most Flexible and Feature- Rich Dieletric Analyser Available
Autem PC-Analyser Pro 6 PLC-Logic Analysis In No Time
MC Measurement Computing USB-2408 Series devices offer high-resolution voltage or thermocouple measurements along with digital I/O and counter inputs
Associated Research Hyamp & Hypot The Industry Leading Production Line Ground Bond Instrument and the Production Line Hipot Testing at its Finest
BLACKBOX 4 Edge PLC process control data recording, monitoring and remote maintence
EEC 8500 Series AC Power Sources The EEC 8500 Series is the most power dense and functionality rich source in EEC history.
KEPCO'S High Voltage Power Supplies BHK-MG models are designed for bench or rack mount use with both front and rear output terminals.