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For more than 40 years, NI have developed automated test and automated measurement systems that help engineers solve the world’s toughest challenges.

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For the past 35 years, LabVIEW has been engineers’ tool of choice for developing automated test systems. From performing a simple voltage measurement to advancing space missions, discover how LabVIEW can advance your next project. LabVIEW is available in three editions and is a part of the Test Workflow bundle, which scale in features and capabilities to meet your application requirements. 
What Are PC-Based Measurement and Control Systems?

In a PC-based measurement and control system, NI hardware products are connected to your PC or laptop through USB or Ethernet. This kind of system has two main architectures: directly connect a multifunction I/O device to your PC or connect a CompactDAQ Chassis to your PC, and populate this chassis with conditioned I/O modules.  

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Ametek Autem plc6
Asterion - Performance. Reliance. Brilliance.

Inspired by the enduring power of a brilliant star, the California Instruments Asterion line of AC power sources by AMETEK Programmable Power combines intelligence and flexibility to create an advanced platform of AC solutions. This easy-to-configure design features sophisticated technology for delivering high performance, programmable AC and DC power.

PLC- Analysis in no time from AUTEM.

PLC-ANALYZER pro 6 has the decisive advantage of recording process data via standardized PLC interfaces. For example, for SIMATIC S7 signals can be acquired using MPI/PPI, PROFIBUS or TCP/IP PROFINET. All CODESYS communication paths and many other PLC connections of various manufacturers are supported.

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GW DAQ 600  
Expand Your Data Acquisition Tentacles!
The DAQ-9600 data acquisition system is a modularized data acquisition system with high flexibility and higher performance. The mainframe is equipped with 3 module slots and a built-in precision 6 1/2 digital DMM is the core of its test and measurement. 5 modules are available to meet different measurement needs. For the research and development of analysing product characteristics or the production and manufacturing of system testing or fault diagnosis, a data acquisition system with flexibility and high performance can effectively fulfill different measurement requirements by expansion and change that make the overall test simpler, faster and more reliable.
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Amplicon Ventrix 500

The Amplicon Ventrix 500 industrial tower computers provide a highly reliable and rugged alterative to a conventional tower computer.
Amplicon's tower systems are built from industrial road mapped components. The Ventrix 500 range is designed to run 24/7, 365 days a year trouble free.
Amplicon's systems are able to offer 5-15 year life cycle. 6th generation to 8th generation Processor options available

Programmable AC Power

The EEC 8500 Series is the most power dense and functionality rich
source in EEC history, giving you improved capability, functionality, and
a reduced footprint in one series. These new models provide an output
voltage of up to 310 VAC and an output frequency ranging from 5 Hz- 1,200 Hz.

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