Featured Products

Amplicon Industrial Computers The Extensive Range of Industrial Computers Designed and Manufactured by Amplicon are Exceptionally Versatile
CompactRio Build and deploy real-time applications with signal-conditioned I/O modules using an integrated software toolchain
PXI NI is the PXI industry leader, with the broadest array of best-in-class products and services on the market
LabVIEW What You Need to Build Automated Test Systems, Fast
AMETEK AC Power Sources Programmable Power's AC power sources range from 800VA t
Associated Research HypotULTRA The Most Flexible and Feature- Rich Dieletric Analyser Available
Autem PC-Analyser Pro 6 PLC-Logic Analysis In No Time
MC Measurement Computing USB-2408 Series devices offer high-resolution voltage or thermocouple measurements along with digital I/O and counter inputs
Associated Research Hyamp & Hypot The Industry Leading Production Line Ground Bond Instrument and the Production Line Hipot Testing at its Finest. A Perfect Combination
PC Based Systems PC-based measurement and control systems provide electrical and physical measurement capabilities
APT 8500 Series AC Power Sources The APT 8500 Series is the Most Power Dense and Functionality rich Source in APT History
SCI 260 Ground Bond Testers Choose between two simple, easy-to-use Ground Bond testers that provide the output current that satisfy NRTL specifications