GW Instek

Multi Channel Function Generator
MSO-2000 Series. Programmable Single-Channel Electronic Load for Current Sink Operations from 60mA
Spectrum Analyser
GSP 9330 (3.25 GHz). with High Speed Sweep Time can easily handle and analyse Modulation Signals
Programmable Single-Channel Electronic Load
PEL-3000E series programmable single-channel electronic load. In the series, PEL-3031E provides 300W (1V~150V/60A) and PEL-3032E provides 300W (2.5V~500V/15A) current sink capability
Shunt Meter
PCS 1001 provides a BNC Output, which can connect direct to an Oscilloscope
DC Power Supply
PSB-1000 SERIES can simultaneously measure current and voltage with 6 measurement resolution.
Low Powered DC Power Supplies
PPH-1503 is exclusively designed to meet low power consumption requirements and user's great demands of accuracy, speed and resolution of both voltage and current.
LCR Meter
The LCR-6000 series adopts 3.5-inch color LCD and features opulent display parameters.
Hand-Held Oscilloscopes
GDS-200/300 series handheld oscilloscopes, is a brand new concept in compact digital oscilloscopes developed by GW Instek,
Arbitary Function Generator
The AFG-3000 Series is designed for industrial, scientific research and educational applications.
Mixed Digital Oscilloscope
MFG 2000 series features true point-by-point output arbitrary waveform characteristics of 200 MHz sample rate,
Precision Source Meter
GW Instek GSM-20H10 is a precision source meter that provides highly stable DC power and instrument-grade 6½-digit multimeter measurements.
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